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In July 2011, I attended Veg Speed Date out of curiosity. To take a chance. I didn’t expect that evening to set in motion the remarkable five years that followed. Exactly halfway through the event I sat down in front of Liz. After a couple minutes the conversation flowed. We haven’t shut up since. A marriage, a house, and a daughter later we’re still talking, loving, and eating vegan. Sometimes, such as after the first day of preschool or even crawling into bed after a long day, we look at each other and one of us says “veg speed date”. We wouldn’t have any of “us” without that event. It was worth it to take a chance.

 Travis, Liz, and Ripley, 2016


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David and I met at the Veg Speed Date event back in December. We have seen each other pretty much every week since then, we are a great fit, and we have been having an amazing time together. We’ve hiked to the heights of Mt. Diablo, Tam, and San Bruno, traveled the length of Highway One to Big Sur, and Bikram Yogi’d together pretty much every week (not to mention eaten the most amazing and fun vegan foods). Thanks for creating such great opportunities to connect with like-minded people.

 Ashley & David, first update, 2015


Ashley and I are still together, and we’re so happy! We are living together now, and our relationship is unbelievably amazing. I am so grateful to have her in my life and grateful that your Veg Speed Date event gave us the opportunity to meet. The event at Pause Wine Bar where we met was actually two years ago tomorrow. We are planning to celebrate. 🙂

 Ashley & David, second update, 2016